Don Van Winkle

What Does a Corporate Development Officer Do?

September 21, 2016

Wherever the focus, corporate development is usually a strategic and longer-term process that you may want to adjust or refine as the project moves forward.

Where your CDO focuses depends greatly on the current circumstances of your company and the area you want to develop. It could be:

  • Buying other companies or selected assets of other companies
  • Selling non-strategic or otherwise non-synergistic divisions or assets
  • Analyzing & making recommendations regarding board composition and/or changing out or restructuring management positions
  • Optimizing capital sourcing (equity, debt, joint venture etc.). Outlining a
    “Capital Plan” to identify future sources of Capital to fund strategic growth initiatives.
  • Actively posturing the company to be an attractive acquisition and/or to acquisition financing
  • Other strategic initiatives that will build the market value of the company

Your corporate development strategy helps you survey available options and seize opportunities that reward the executive team and, ultimately, shareholders.