Goals for Working with You

Typically, small and mid-sized companies don’t know how to strategically focus on enhancing shareholder value over time via acquisitions, divestitures, re-capitalizations, management changes, strategic assessments/planning and the integration of a real working board. These areas are a passion for us, and we are good at taking the lead on such initiatives.

Together we chart a path to either provide more options and profitability and/or increase Owner Value. Otherwise, our engagement doesn’t make sense.

There has to be an end goal in mind that we all understand and are focused on realizing.

If we perform and get the process started, a future board seat may be an option and/or an ongoing corporate development advisory role. The next stage is posturing the company as an attractive future acquisition whether a future sale is on the horizon or not…this preparation initiative inevitably drives healthy internal disciplines and increases in owner value.

Our first step in working together is a dialogue.

Tell us what you are looking for and let’s visit through options.  You will find us to attentive listeners, curious and invested in your success.

Louis Cicio 303-818-6362
Don Van Winkle 720-331-9846