Don Van Winkle

Your Outsourced CDO

Depending on your needs, I will internally identify a seasoned executive to serve as a seamless extension of your company in dealing with your merger-and-acquisition initiatives, posturing to be an attractive acquisition and/or other development initiatives.

You have full access to the experience and knowledge I have gained over the last 35 years from selling my own company and financing, assisting numerous, diverse clients in improving their strategic process to increase shareholder value and sustainability.

Typically, our responsibilities (in an Acquisition Initiative) include the following:

  • Field inquiries from would-be acquirers, or representatives seeking to sell you a business
  • Conduct searches for strategic acquisitions
  • Define screening/filtering criteria, e.g., product lines, synergies, culture, service and quality goals.
  • Develop a target company profile for acquisitions
  • Develop a Business Introduction that describes your company, goals and objectives
  • Define reasons for acquisitions with compelling benefits for prospective seller
  • Define criteria to qualify and screen candidates
  • Summarize appropriate acquisition candidates for client’s review
  • Analyze acquisition proposals
  • Negotiate acquisitions and coordinate legal, accounting, due diligence, financing and other services
  • Coordinate publicity & news releases to trade journals & the press creating awareness and interest among potential sellers
  • Advise on all types of post M & A issues to include charting a course to insure the acquisition created value.

The final decision on an acquisition, divestiture or other initiative is yours. The process of defining, searching, acquiring, or divesting can be complex and time consuming. And, absent expertise in this area, the process can be a long and frustrating road that can negatively affect operations as people are distracted from core responsibilities. Often, the process ends up being handed off to outside legal and accounting firms, which tends to compromise the entrepreneurial thrust of corporate development.