Don Van Winkle

Checklist: Effective CDOs

Lots of people have been in particular jobs and careers for decades; some have had only a few years of experience many times over, unfortunately. Fewer yet have gained relevant, prescient skills which can be applied to varying business models and situations. In terms of a “development” officer, there are specific elements that those who are efficient and productive must possess.

The most effective CDOs are experienced in:

1. Operations and a sensitivity to overhead capacity and scalability
2. Corporate finance and accounting
3. Awareness of and curiosity around “complimentary product lines” or “operating synergies”
4. Value Creation and metrics
5. Corporate Governance – Board effectiveness and best practices
6. Mergers & acquisitions
7. Legal and tax issues
8. Negotiation
9. Independent and objective analysis and presentation

Google, like other successful companies, regularly revisits its corporate strategy and the assets (both tangible and intangibles like brand, culture customer reach and composition etc.) to understand the drivers of advantage and identify attractive avenues for future growth.